Last Official Game Night

Delanie wants the same thing that’s always at my house. Maybe some Brisk tea.. $.99

Victor and Erica would like sushi. No preference to the sushi, so maybe spicy tuna, or cali rolls… $20.00

Natasha wants fruit… weird friggin fruit… $5.00 for exotic fruit..

Judah wants… doesn’t care…

Gracia might contribute tofu >.< … no idea how much that is…

Hamed wants steak and pumpkin pie $7.00 ?

David : wants “meat man, actual real food too will do (not just desserts)” and Currrryyyy !!… lots of money.. :P

Nick doesn’t mind.

Joel wants baby back ribs $7/8.00

Alex wants cheezburgerz $2.00

Tina wants Cheesecake $5.00

Maribel wants tacos and is ok with chips and soda :D $2?

RJ wants lasagna $5?

Jessica wants fries $1.76 from the Greek…

Robert wants Mac’n Cheese for him and his gf, the spongebob kind :3

Luis wants Horchata

Shandy wants Pineapple Upside down cake

Juan wants buffalo wings

And that’s all that there is to get so far… >.<

…..And Tyler wants a boot to the head :D … Free XD

Ps. Judah, spell right :P

Psss, what did i spell wrong?? :p
Judah :/ lol um… i think it was head you spelled wrong… but i fixed it already >.<

Last Official Game Night

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