The first part of a long adventure

First day in Juneau Porticìa

The party of Koisarae Raine Hydracontis, Aiglos Crebain Daro, Merric Nebin, and Rhogar met the rogue Tythin, and Avenger of Kord, Torkirv. The adventurer’s met up with one another at the tavern in Juneau Porticìa, after Tythin attempted to steal alcohol from Merric. They then met up as a party, and the mayor, Vesda, a 13 year old Doppelganger who decided to live out his life fairly competent in the non-sneak business, requested of them to find the reason why people and animals have been turning up dead. The group then went to investigate the Cathedral, which yielded the hint of going to the Unmentionable Tavern. Once they went there, they found a sigil that had a mechanism for lowering the lighthouse into the ground. Once they entered the lighthouse, they found that there were a gathering of Goblinoids, protected by two homunculi. The creatures did a large amount of damage to the party, so they decided to head back to the Inn and rest before they went back to investigate. And the story continues



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