Starting out

The Beginning:

In the north of Crelain, the commerce capital of the world, there is a port city named Juneau Porticìa. This city is a main meeting point for many parts of the country, and the world. As a precautionary step, many organizations and free lance individuals have hired adventurers far and wide, including the group called Asmodaì. This group is composed of a government secret squad of elite adventurers that explore the world. Their leader, Aiglos Crebain Daro, is an elven ranger who has apparent skill in his profession, he has sworn to protect nature, and the world from blights. Koisarae Raine Hydracontis, second in command to this special unit, is a member of the Eladrin royalty. She has found the path of the rogue much more appealing to her normal nature. Merric Nebin, a Halfling ranger, is one of Aiglos’ close friends, though he likes to keep his distance from people he gets close to. A lecher and alcoholic, Merric is normally put under control by Koisarae. Rhogar, a Dragonborn Warlord is a new member vaguely concerned with the nature of things around him, he was originally found and hired as a guard for the unit of the Asmodaì that he is now traveling with, though much closer than he had been to many others. The group has set abroad to find out if they can find any martial and arcane masters to aid them in their travels. The time is 8 in the morning. The adventurers pull into Juneau Porticìa, and after many months of overland travel, begin there search, after spending the night outside of the city.



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